William C. Price Scholarship Application 2023

Since inception in 2002, the Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland Foundation has awarded academic scholarships.  The Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland Foundations, Inc. provides financial assistance to students from the State of Maryland or the District of Columbia that best represents the attributes of the Buffalo Soldiers assigned to the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiment.  The scholarship winner will be awarded a one-time academic scholarship for use at a trade school, community college, or university of their choice. 

The William C. Price Scholarship contest is open to seniors attending high schools in Charles County, Prince George’s County, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, carrying a minimum 2.50 GPA on a 4.0 scale at the end of their junior year.  Application and supporting documents must be received by 30 May 2023 .  Finalist will be selected and notified by at a future date.

Application forms are available for submission: “Click Here to Apply Now”

NOTE:  You must have a Google email account to complete the BSMD Scholarship Application.   

If you don’t already have one, click this link: create a Google account here

Please gather all of the required materials, information and documentation noted below before you get started. 

  • Your official high school transcript (or equivalent if home schooled).  A PDF or legible JPG file of your official HS transcript is required.
  • ACT / SAT Scores (if applicable).  A PDF or legible JPG file of your official scores.
  • A letter of acceptance from an accredited trade school, community college, or university. A PDF or legible JPG file is required.
  • At least two letters of recommendation on official letterhead from a teacher, guidance counselor or school administrator, and/or community service organization.  A PDF or legible JPG file is required.
  • A student statement to include who you are, your accomplishments to date, family background, the degree which you are seeking, and financial need. Provide a brief summary on how you plan to use the scholarship if selected.
  • A list of academic honors and awards you have received within the last four years and the dates you received them.
  • A list of student clubs or organizations in which you have been involved over the last four years.
  • Your employment / internship activities held within the last four years.
  • A signed copy of Scholarship Applicant Attestation Statement (bit.ly/3wI1kNT).

After submitting this application, you will receive a confirmation email with a complete PDF of your application attached.  On the last page of the PDF file, you will find your Scholarship Applicant Attestation Statement form. Please print, sign and email a copy of this page to BSMD.scholarship@gmail.com.  A legible photograph (jpg file) or scanned copy (jpg or pdf file) of this form is acceptable.  Please put “Scholarship Supporting Documents for YOUR NAME” in the email subject line.