Donate to Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland Foundation, Inc.

The Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland Foundation (BSMD-F) corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.   The Foundation promote and support charitable and educational activities for the Maryland Mother Chapter of National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club.

Since the inception of the foundation, we continue to grow our Community Service initiatives and increase scholarship funding with the help of your donations each and every year.  The Foundation provides community service and charitable donations to the following:

  • William C. Price Scholarship. Since inception in 2002, the BSMD-F has awarded $27,000 in academic scholarships to students from the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia that best represents the attributes of the Buffalo Soldiers assigned to the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiment.  Annually, the scholarship winner(s) is/are awarded a one-time $2,000 academic scholarship for use at an accredited four-year college or university of their choice. Click –> Scholarship Winners.
  • Ride for the Cure. Co-Sponsor and provide support to raise awareness and funds to combat Breast and other Cancer related illnesses.  Funds raised are donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive. The BSMD-F purchase turkeys through donations received to provide the Food Pantries and Veterans Organization of Washington, DC and Prince Georges County, MD.
  • Adopt a Family for Christmas. In 2018, BSMD-F was able to provide (5) families each a gift certificate of $500 for the holidays. BSMD-F raise monies through a Christmas “Giving” Tree during the Christmas annual party. Participants donate monies by attaching to the tree. The funds are provided to families in need of Washington, DC and Prince Georges’s county of Maryland.
  • Feed the Needy Soup Kitchen. Provide community service every 4th Sunday of the month to the Fourth Street-Friendship Seventh Day Adventist Church, Washington, DC.Winter Coat Drive, Fourth Street-Friendship Seventh Day Adventist Church, Washington, DC.

Select one of the following when donating through PayPal:

(1) William C.  Price Scholarship – “Donations are awarded to our annual scholarship winner(s).”

(2) African American Civil War Memorial – “Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland donate to the museum annually.”

(3) Philanthropy –  Thanksgiving Food Drive, Adopt a Family for Christmas, and families of sudden hardship in the community.”

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