About Us

The Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland Chapter brings together touring cyclists in the greater Washington, DC and Maryland area to promote safe motorcycling and to educate society regarding the Buffalo Soldiers (specifically the 9th and 10th Cavalry) and their contributions to American history.
We are the pillars in the community who are composed of active/retired military, police officers, first responders, public servants and outstanding citizens, who believe in educating our youth; sharing the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers and the sacrifices they made for the greater good of our country.  Moreover, we support our local community in fundraising and charitable events. 
We are part of the North East Frontier that is composed of 25 chapters. The Buffalo Soldiers of Maryland were the second chapter to be established and the first chapter to be named "Buffalo Soldiers" under the National Association Buffalo Soldier and Trooper Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC).

We enjoy riding and the excitement during our travels; sharing the laughter, jokes and  great friendship within our chapter.  The culmination of entertainment is unbelievable!

Our volunteer services supports the community and charitable events throughout the Washington, DC and Maryland area.   We raise monies for college scholarships, Thanksgiving Turkey Drive and Christmas Giving to families of hardship and other charitable events.

We share our camaraderie with other chapters and enjoy the fellowship while riding together and supporting each other's community and charitable events.

Most importantly, we donate annually to the African American Civil War Memorial that commemorates the service of 209,145 African-American soldiers and sailors who fought for the Union in the American Civil War.

If you would like to make a charitable contribution to support our efforts, check out our Charity page.

We take pride in what we do and we enjoy doing it!