History of Buffalo Thunder

Buffalo Thunder History

Brian Bulow, the Founder reflecting back on the origin of the Buffalo Thunder:

“Just taking a moment to reflect on a decision that my friend Felipe Fields  and I made. We suggested to our chapter, Buffalo Soldiers MC of Maryland to host a post Rolling Thunder cookout at my house. This was for Buffalo Soldiers that were from out of town who could get a free meal and drinks (non alcoholic of course) before heading home. The first two years the event was held at my house. We had roughly 100 bikers stop by for food and drinks before heading home.”

“We then decided to move our club family cookout to Memorial Day weekend and move this event away from my house. One night Felipe and I were visiting my next door neighbor, Derek Lewis, and we decided to partner with BET Jazz, Derek was a VP at the time, to add a jazz and blues show to our cookout.” 

“During discussions with the chapter, we decided to make our event into a weekend long celebration but needed one more attraction. Brother Emile suggested that we plan to a ride to the African American Civil War Memorial to showcase the participation and sacrifices that our people have played in EVERY conflict this land has been in. We were not trying to take away from or compete with Rolling Thunder. We were just trying to call attention to the sacrifices that our men and women have made. Buffalo Thunder was born!”

“It has been 18 years since we started at my house. Some members have gone on to glory with the Lord. Others have retired. Thanks to the dedicated members who remain. Buffalo Thunder and the Buffalo Soldiers MC of Maryland live on.”

The “Buffalo Thunder” is now an annual event that consist of a hotel Meet and Greet on Friday, Picnic on Saturday and a Memorial ride on Sunday.  The ride starts on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in Landover, Maryland (City of Praise Family Ministries) and concludes with a ceremony at the African American Civil War Monument in Washington, DC (www.afroamcivilwar.org).

The ride is highlighted by the flag waving church parishioners and well-wishers that come out to welcome the riders along the streets of Prince Georges County, MD and Washington, DC.  Riders provide a “donation to participate, which allows the Foundation to provide annual support to the African American Civil War Museum and recipients of the William C. Price Memorial Scholarship.

Since 2016, this event has been recognized as the Felipe A. Fields Memorial Ride, honoring the former National President of the NABSTMC and Maryland (Mother) Chapter.